The future of the creator economy in Africa picture

The African experience is unique and inexhaustible. It has its own path of growth and development, and at times we have been rather radical in our way of step. It’s no secret that the future of the creator economy is on the rise, with the recent success of crowdfunding, established artists and creatives are reaching a wider audience while raising funds directly from their fans.

I believe that the future of the creator economy in Africa is an exciting one, it is bright and can take off massively! I can’t wait to see what it holds. …

For the last few years, I have devoted a huge chunk of my time building and fostering the growth of a few tech communities, and reflecting back, the question “has it been worth it?” hits more than ever.

TL;DR — the short answer is YES

What are tech communities?

A community is a group of people who has or have developed similar interests in a specific subject. These groups of people come together to learn, collaborate, and support each other. At times, it goes beyond just learning, people could form lifetime bonds too!

Pros of joining a community

Access to a pool of potential mentors

Communities usually consist of people of various skill levels and are…

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Last year, my year-in-review takeaway was that it’s okay to fail, and failures play a huge role in the successes we’re yet to achieve. Well, I still think the same, but for a whole lot of this year, I reflected back on that statement and had a rethink.

I thought I had failed at a lot of things, little did I know that 2020 had more failures in store for me lol. For some reason, I didn’t feel like writing a review this year, but these reviews and articles I write about myself are a good way to reflect back…


  • I learned about writing open-source documentation.
  • I had an amazing time being an Intern at Wikimedia Foundation.
  • I got way better at technical writing, improved the onboarding process, and created a review process that will improve the standards of documentation over time.
  • GSoD is simply amazing!!!
  • And oh, my mentors were my superheroes!!


Towards the end of last year/early this year, one of my goals was to write more and explore new ways I could improve my technical and writing abilities. One of the ways I planned on doing this was to gather relevant experience through Internships, contributing to Open…

Winter is here, and I have no jackets. It’s that time when you say goodbye.

Exactly 365 days ago today, I got a mail, one that eventually changed my perspective about so many things and brought me closer to the world than I have ever been.

I won’t bore you by telling you what the DSC program is, or how to get in, a lot of my colleagues have done justice to that(I have added useful links at the end of this article). If you’re reading this, you most likely know what the DSC program is already. …

JavaScript has evolved over the years and behave differently on different browsers… Oh, wait! That’s totally not true, some of the JavaScript we write for browsers aren’t even JavaScript. Doesn’t make any sense? Keep Reading…

If we went back to around 2002, there were indeed different specification Implementations of JavaScript, but that changed around 2009 when the last versions of I.E(Version 8) running JScript (Microsofts forked version of JavaScript) went away and newer versions were created.

In 2011, when the TC39(the Ecma committee responsible for evolving and authoring the specification of JavaScript) released EcmaScript v5.1, they brought forth something called…

There are a lot of people who are products of opportunities. But opportunities don’t just come your way, you have to identify them when they do and make the utmost use of them. This is my 2019 in a single sentence. A year full of identifying and utilizing opportunities to impact lives.

This is my first time of penning down my year in words. I never really saw the importance of writing a year-in-review until of recent when I discovered that a lot of people get to do amazing stuff but never get to share their stories. I’ve read a…

I was reading javascript grammar by JavaScript Teacher, when i suddenly came across comparing objects in one of the chapters. Some years back when i i was still learning some basic javascript, i found it difficult to wrap my head around primitive data types and objects. It just didn’t make sense to me why comparison operators didn’t work with objects.

Reading about this same problem in javascript grammar brought the problem back to memory and inspired me to write a basic boilerplate code that helps with comparing both simple and complex objects by using a recursive function.

The project is…

Over the years, Test Driven Development(TDD) has become increasingly popular among software developers. Some developers often argue about the relevance of TDD in their software development process and say its not worth the stress.

In this article, i’ll be explaining what TDD is, why it is very important in a software development process and give a basic introduction to writing TDD using jest.

Test Driven Development

Before i dive into what TDD is, i’d like to quickly give us a brief intuition of what “testing” in a software development process is as regards TDD. Testing as some may already know it is simply…

It is no new news that javascript has evolved from what used to be a client side language to what runs on virtually anything these days.

Javascript was originally created by Brenden Eich who was an employee at Netscape Communications Corporation at that time, he was asked to create a java like language for the NetScape browser which was then the choice of browser for most people. Eich decided that Java was way too complicated, he wanted to design a language that was easy to use for beginners. He began to develop a scripting language which was initially called as…

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